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How we got our name…

While considering what to name this new company, I was racking my brain attempting to find a name that was unique, explanatory, and not taken.  Amazingly enough, the not taken aspect of the name was one of the hardest parts.  I started thinking about what I wanted this company to really do… I really want to help clients streamline their business processes, I want to assist them with their marketing & customer relationship management (CRM) strategy, and get back to focusing on the client and the client experience.  I was quite literally going through the dictionary as well Wikipedia at one point.  I then came across the word “Albedo.”

According to Wikipedia:

Albedo is one of the four major stages of alchemy; along with nigredo, citrinitas and rubedo. It is a Latinicized term meaning “whiteness” and follows the nigredo stage. Following the harrowing, chaotic nigredo, it is necessary for purification provided by the albedo which is literally referred to as ablutio; the washing away of impurities by aqua vitae.

This sounded perfect to me.  In my mind, I wanted my company to help “purify” client’s business processes by “washing away the impurities.”  I wanted to help get these clients move from any “harrowing, chaotic nigredo” processes they may currently have implemented.  I did the obligatory search, and found that not many active companies had this name, but I wanted to stand out from these other companies so I needed to add a second word to the name.

Thinking through what word to add to albedo, I was considering consulting, ventures, partners, etc., and finally I came upon group.  I like the idea of being a group.  Hopefully one day this new company will be a consolidation of highly performing consultants that are peers in a “group.”  I additionally liked the fact that the initials formed the chemical abbreviation for silver (AG), which in history known as a pure metal, valued for its whiteness.  This went along perfectly with my idea of the company.

So there I had it, my name, Albedo Group.  I loved it! I quickly registered the domain, and finally registered the company.

My next task was creating our logo…

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